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PT. Bio Cycle Indo was established in early 2018 with the focus of producing dried larvae BSF which then will be used as feed. The location of PT. Bio Cycle Indo currently is in Jl. KH. R. Abdullah Bin Nuh, Bubulak, Bogor, Jawa Barat and have a plan to move at Pekanbaru. PT. Bio Cycle Indo have made the sales to local feed company to an international feed company.

Even though with the short time we became the biggest insect company in Southeast Asia, and we also managed to implement ISO 22000:2018 number 0014101962 and HACCP standards number 00111101962. It is one of our advantages compared to other companies moving the same industry. We also use state of the art tracing program call ALIS Program. Traceability is an important thing for our customers all over the globe and also the requirement to export to some countries especially to European Union. PT. Bio Cycle Indo has exported dried larvae products since the mid of 2018 to 2019 in 10 times.


To be World’s largest and globally competitive BSF producer


  1. Mass produce dried BSF larvae and build up more facilities
  2. Develop a reliable, healthy, and trustworthy company which benefits the stakeholders
  3. Fulfills customer needs and expectations by giving high quality and consistent product and service
  4. Build strong relationship among the employees and partners.

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