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By 2050, the human population will almost touch 10 billion people. This will have an impact on increasing food needs and decreasing the availability of production land. Ironically, these impacts also affect other living things.

In early 2018, PT. Bio Cycle Indo is the largest manufacturer of Black Soldier Fly in Southeast Asia, and has verified HACCP 2018, ISO 2018, and FDA 2021. We produce a source of functional ingredients made from single feed (waste-free), namely, natural raw materials whose availability is sustainable in Indonesia.

PT. Bio Cycle Indo is able to ensure sustainable and quality production to answer the needs of the world. With the system implemented in PT. Bio Cycle Indo, we are able to track products that have reached the hands of customers.

Currently, PT. Bio Cycle Indo has become a sister company of Koppert Biological System. This has made the wing of PT. Bio Cycle Indo is expanding to meet national and international needs. In this short time, PT. Bio Cycle Indo has exported to three continents, namely Europe, America and Asia with a total of 30 countries in various parts of the world.

Products from PT. Bio Cycle Indo consists of Dried larvae, Insect Meal, Insect Oil, and Insect Frass. Our products are high in proteins, amino peptides, lauric acids, and especially for insect frass, rich in microba which is good for soil. Our products are managed with modern technology, quality human resources, and supported by tropical climate throughout the year.

PT. Bio Cycle Indo will always develop to pack its wings to various countries, always innovate to produce quality products, and strive to meet the world's protein needs.


To be World’s largest and globally competitive BSF producer


  1. Mass produce dried BSF larvae and build up more facilities
  2. Develop a reliable, healthy, and trustworthy company which benefits the stakeholders
  3. Fulfills customer needs and expectations by giving high quality and consistent product and service
  4. Build strong relationship among the employees and partners.

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