Bestico Dried Larvae

Contain high amounts of energy, protein and essential amino acids, fatty acids, and micronutrients.

Bestico Insect Meal

Used in complete diets for cats, dogs, birds and also small mammals as a high quality source of protein and lipid

Bestico Oil

Premium dried black soldier fly larvae a sustainable high fat ingredient

Quality, Consistency, Capacity

Quality: Our feedstock ingredients has implemented ISO 22000: 2018 number 0014101962 which is related to Food Safety

Consistency: By implementing best practices for our feed ingredients, animal care, and processing, we are able to manufacture balanced, high-performance products.

Capacity: Leveraging years of applied research and development in our pilot plant, our animal-rearing and manufacturing systems and practices have been designed for mass production. Bio Cycle Indo opened the first Indonesia commercial-scale production facility in 2018, which employs a commercial BSFL platform and provides a sustainable source of sought-after high-quality nutrients for the pet food, aquaculture, livestock, and exotic feed industries.

Bio Cycle Indo Compliant

Strict Standards

Quality, Capacity and Consistency. From quality ingredients in our feedstock to consistent and safe processing, Bio Cycle Indo holds our entire operation to strict standards. Bio Cycle Indo has implemented ISO 22000: 2018 number 0014101962 which is related to Food Safety.

Feed Stock Quality

All our feedstock ingredients meet HACCP No. 00111101962 for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, and using the tracebility program according to European standards. We use pre-consumer product streams, and our feedstock ensures a high-quality black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) feed produced in the largest commercial-scale BSFL production facility in Indonesia.

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